Twitter is changing, Tweetoshi mission continues

Twitter has drastically restricted developer access, blocking most of the great projects that have been built on the platform which will also impact Tweetoshi. We anticipate that the Tweetoshi app might be at least temporarily discontinued in the upcoming weeks.

We want to take this opportunity to thank you for the support we've had throughout the time. We also want to update you on the current situation and show you the new decentralized social network where we see (not only our) future.

The last months have been very confusing. We've always tried to make Twitter a better social network for everyone involved and follow the set rules. Twitter's current owner Elon Musk has talked about decentralization and being more open to developers, but his actions speak more to the contrary.

If it is even a little bit possible, we want to continue to operate Tweetoshi in the upcoming weeks. At the same time, we will monitor the evolution of Twitter's attitude towards developers in the future and, if possible, we will relaunch Tweetoshi.

Whether we see that happen is now up to Twitter not us. That's why we're going to show you how to get to your sats and how to get involved in our new, even more ambitious project.

How to withdraw sats from my Tweetoshi account

If you have any remaining sats in Tweetoshi, don't worry. You have full access to them.

  1. Please log into the Tweetoshi app first.
  2. Go to your wallet (if the Twitter problem message pops up, just hit  "close" button and continue to the wallet).
  3. From there you can withdraw your sats through the Lightning Network as you are used to.

We've also removed the minimum withdrawal limit of 100 sats so you can withdraw any amount. You will be able to do everything yourself and you don't need to contact us.

In case you are unable to withdraw sats for some reason, message us from your Twitter account to our Twitter account @TweetoshiApp.

If you have any questions, you can always contact us on our email info@tweetoshi.com

Plebstr is the future

We continue our mission which has always been to integrate Bitcoin into social networks and change their business model in a way that is more friendly to their users and content creators.

Introducing our new Plebstr app (“Tweetoshi on steroids”), which we're building on Nostr platform.

Nostr is a decentralized protocol where users are free to decide which apps to use, move their data from one to another, and not be censored or otherwise restricted by a given social network.

You can download the app and start using it now. We have also made a video explaining how Nostr works and how to start using Plebstr.

We believe this is the future of social media - and we're not alone. For example, Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, and a lot of other bitcoiners also believe in Nostr and we met them at the first Nostr conference in Costa Rica. If you want to be among the first to join this revolution, we'd love to see you at Plebstr.

Be the first on Plebstr 🤙

Plebstr is currently in the making. Subscribe to our beta testing program and download the app to join the revolution.