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Our goal is to introduce revolutionary business model focused much more on users and creators. And Bitcoin is the perfect tool to make this happen.


True Bitcoiners with uniqe experience of changing social media business model by integrating Bitcoin into them. Authors of the Tweetoshi app.

Matěj Švancer


Dominik Šimoník


Martin Carska


Václav Čevela


Michal Marko


Alexander Pilař


Marek Palatinus

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New to Nostr protocol?

Find out answers about Nostr and Plebstr in our short introduction.

What is Plebstr

Plebstr is an app built on top of the Nostr protocol with a goal of being as intuitive and easy to use as possible. You can use it to communicate with other Nostr users.

What is Nostr

Nostr is a new open protocol on the Internet which enables anyone to distribute data. It can be used for a lot of things – including decentralized social media.
But you don't have to understand the technology behind it to be able to start using it. Plebstr app makes this really easy.

Private & Public keys

When you set up an account on Nostr you get your own Private key and Public key.

You can imagine your Private key as a password for your account – you should save it safely and never share it with anyone, it gives full control over your account.

You can imagine your Public key as a username/nickname – you can share it and your friends will be able to find you and connect with you on Nostr thanks to that.

Plebstr app makes it as easy as possible so you can generate your keys there or log in with your existing key.


On Nostr, there is no centralized server that would contain all user data. Instead, there are relays – servers that anyone can set up and start operating. You don't have to run your own relay – you can connect to other public relays and participate on Nostr that way.

Plebstr app makes this really easy – when you create an account on Plebstr, you are automatically connected to several reputable relays. You then don't have to worry about it and you can start enjoying this new social media right away.

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